New Products Launched from Artopex

New Products Launched from Artopex

As April showers bring May flowers, so has the Artopex Spring Collection brought new life to our range of products. Titled “Color Therapy”, the new chairs, surface supports, and finish options hope to set a spotlight on productivity, serenity, confidence, creativity, and collaboration.

Three new chairs were introduced, featuring mesh, popular for its breathability and lightness. The Auxi task chair has a mesh back, fabric seat, full set of mechanisms, and adjustable arms. The Hanso chair, a more simple meeting chair, has a slim frame completely finished in mesh. Available with glides, castors, fixed arms, or writing tablet, the Kub guest chair is a versatile piece that has a place in both the private office and training rooms.

We try to move away from offices feeling formal, corporate, and boring. Instead, our furniture moves us to a more relaxed, homey, and fun feel. When first looking at the new Angled Wood Legs in the conference collection, our first impression was that it would make a wonderful dining room table. Though these bases are very simple in design, they are classy and refined. Good design is not about being complicated, it is about being functional and leaving a lasting impression on all those who see it.

As colour psychology affects all parts of our day to day life, it makes sense that we should incorporate these principles into our office environment. Just as the bright colours in a store can motivate us to buy a product, they can also inspire productivity and a happy work environment. Artopex aims to help you achieve this with their new finishes: four beautiful woodgrains, a light grey laminate, matte black laminate, and ten vibrant metals.

Though using matte black may seem counterintuitive when trying to plan a light and airy open concept office, using it as a contrast element with white walls and a brightly finished mesh back chair can create a balanced space. Combining wood grain laminate with other colours may seem intimidating, but selecting solid finishes that are similar to the lightest or darkest grain is an excellent compliment. A bright accent colour can be chosen either based on company branding or the mood you would like the space to convey.

As we start into a new season, renew your space with beauty and innovative ideas.